Home Improvements companies prepare to grow in feast and famine

Work from home, school from home, and forced stay-cations gave homeowners a reason, dare we say an excuse, to take on long-awaited and spur-of-the-moment home improvement projects during the pandemic.  Savings accrued from postponed vacations and reduced commuting costs helped bolster the increase of renovations and spruce-ups. Spending on projects for home improvement, maintenance and repairs increased 45% in 2020.1

The Joint Center of Housing Studies of Harvard University forecasts home improvement spending will remain strong through most of 2021 and level off near the end of the year.2 That’s good news for contractors and home renovation businesses.  In fact, Axiom’s Homefront Insights Survey reveals 90% of homeowners plan improvements for 2021, 56% intend to hire a professional for all or part of the project, and 64% plan to spend $1,000 or more on their project.


Get noticed! Keep your business top-of-mind to capture the attention of homeowners that are planning for or ready to start their next project. You need more than just a website or Google listing to truly engage, educate and inspire homeowners to pull them deeper into the marketing funnel.

Consider these tips for boosting your brand awareness and relevance to a market of actively interested consumers.


  • Home improvements are more than practical, they are emotional. With a strong content marketing strategy, you can strike a chord that not only ignites the imagination, but also provides expert guidance on best practices, cost-saving tips, and project ROI.
  • Use your blogs, photo galleries, and video to make emotional connections while appealing to their practical side.
  • Leveraging the success of some of your best projects and satisfied customer testimonials also adds credibility to your brand. Upload high-quality photos of your work to your website as a strong reflection of your quality and attention to detail.


  • Share your blog articles and video via social media, email, display and other digital content marketing channels.
  • Develop content to maximize the SEO value of your website. Your content should be relevant to your audience and contain some of their most common search words/terms.


  • Connect with current customers and prospects to encourage repeat and new business.
  • Mirror your best customers by targeting look-a-likes. Digital advertising offers great control and flexibility for finding the right people at the right time, including audiences that share similar demographic and propensity profiles as your current and past clientele.
  • And don’t discount connecting with casual or novice DIYers. Many of them can gain ideas and inspiration from your content, and be educated on the benefits of hiring a professional. Building trust among DIYers is a bridge to new customers when they no longer have the time, patience or skill to personally take on a future project.

Now more than ever, homeowners have been focused on creating their personal oasis for work and play. Now is the time (well, every day is the time), to prepare and build your presence to be top of mind as they dream, plan, and research their way to their next project. Will you be there?

Lehighvalleylive can help you attract new prospects by developing and distributing engaging content that homeowners want to read. Contact us today for help with website development, content marketing, social marketing, video, search and more.

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