A dance studio franchise was experiencing low search visibility in their expanding market. The center was looking for more student registrations and inquiries. They realized they could be missing hundreds of potential leads in the local area. Their website was also not mobile-friendly. The client sought our digital experts to help improve their prospecting results and provide deeper insights into their campaigns.


Our digital specialists started with an audit of their current approach, competitive landscape, website functionality and engagement. After reviewing the results of our research with the client, we built a new mobile-optimized, responsive website to serve as a solid foundation for their organic and search campaigns. Better written content, keywords and tags were the next steps toward giving visitors a better experience on the website. The new pay-per-click campaign with call tracking incorporated a keyword bidding structure for Google Ads to help reduce costs per keyword over time. Our digital experts provided continuous monitoring, optimization and reporting to build and guide the client’s campaign intelligence so they could make more informed decisions about their results and return on investment.


  • Calls and form fills increased 132%: The new mobile responsive website and improved keywords led to more quality conversions
  • Cost Per Click dropped 14%: Continuous optimization and monitoring the bid process improved the efficiency of the SEM program
  • Strong ROI supports continued, focused investment: Superior results have encouraged the dance studio to recommend our team to other dance studio franchise owners, and those owners have also made referrals.

Our team now works with dance studios in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, Minnesota.


“As a business owner of a dance center, I couldn’t understand the numerous impressions and click reports I was getting from other companies. I could only measure the success of the website by getting new customers. [From the start], the number of new customers increased significantly. Our media consultant is always available with a solution to any of my questions or concerns.”

Franchise Owner


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