Automotive Marketing Reimagined

Part of Advance Local, ZeroSum is a leader in software, marketing, and data science, focused solely on the automotive industry.

Our team of automotive, technology, marketing, data, and software leaders have been working in the automotive space with several different teams over the past decade. Bringing these disciplines together, we launched a new automotive marketing organization in 2017.  Understanding the value of data and information within the industry led us to focus on disruptive market share growth tactics. Leveraging the tools and resources of our roots, one of the world’s largest privately held media companies, Advance, we sought out to compile all of this data and give our teams access to an unmatched data platform. Built on Microsoft Azure, and leaning into machine learning, artificial intelligence and our wealth of data, we launched ZeroSum AI™ in 2020.

We’re the only player in the space using artificial intelligence, machine learning and vast amounts of data to understand and then influence the landscape. We model exactly what is happening market by market and deliver that intel to our partners.