Did you know that consumers are taking to search engines more than 5 times in an average week? More importantly, a recent study conducted by Localogy discovered that 70% of consumers either made a contact, visit or purchase after a search.[1]

Search is a key component to the visibility of your business. However, it requires a strategic plan to capture the right audience at the right time, without wasting your time or money. So, how do you reach active searchers and win business from these highly qualified leads?

Starting with Content

Becoming the identified expert in search results begins with your content. Content generally has the biggest impact on a website’s SEO (search engine optimization) success.

Why? The primary purpose of a search engine is to generate relevant answers to a query. Frequently posting high-quality and relevant content helps builds trust and authority in your space. What do we mean by relevant content? Blogs, videos, photos; anything that speaks to the needs of your audience and answers many frequently asked questions. Without this content, clicking to your site won’t make sense for the audience searching.


Make sure to include appropriate keywords and include meta “description” tags to generate actionable clicks for your brand. What’s a meta tag? It is a summary about the content of your page that could appear as a snippet in a search result.

Layer on Pay-Per-Click (Search Engine Marketing or SEM)

Having good rankings in search results is the best way to turn searches into customers. In addition to organic search, consider buying ads in the top search results (a pay-per-click campaign).

With pay-per click marketing, you bid on keyword searches relevant to your business and target customer. Finding the right keywords takes practice, but it will pay off with fast visibility if generating a strategy around Share of Voice (SOV), where you “own” a percentage of the category and get your ad placed in top results.


Percentages to dominate SOV vary across industries. Consider consulting with an SEM specialist on your business goals to ensure that you get appropriate SOV and generate a return on investment for your paid efforts. Contact us to get started.

Add Consumer Trusted Rankings, Like Google My Business

Engaging customers on Google is easy when you start simply with Google My Business (GMB). Not sure what GMB can do for you? Click here for a full download about why you need to add this FREE tool to your marketing toolbox.
One component is the business ranking, which crowd sources a star ranking (one through five) for your business and publishes it within your profile as it appears in search. You can also review and reply to customer reviews and help resolve any negative reviews that may be posted. This will help you build on customer trust and encourage prospective customers contact you.

You may also find GMB analytics to be helpful in your pay-per-click efforts if you take the time to review the search queries that customers are using to find your Business Profile.

Building your online presence can be less time consuming and less frustrating if you know where to start. Put your best foot forward with these helpful tips and know you can lean on our team of search experts if you need any help!

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